April 7 – Worship and Say Goodbye

Both pastors arrived exactly at the promised time of 9:00 and we took a lot of photos and killed a bit of time. Church was at Pastor James’ church, which is co-pastored by Pastor Alpha. There were two people in the small 20’x40’ church singing with Pastor James on a very loud, overloaded and distorted speaker set with echo to make things worse. The concrete building echos so well that the entire service could be conducted without a microphone, but that would not be African style.

Pastor James gave a lesson from James 5 (the woman with a discharge of blood and Jairus’ daughter. There was then another time of loud, repetitive worship before Tom gave a brief message about Knowing, Going and Showing. It was then time to begin our three-hour drive to the airport. 

We have had a very successful trip. We have worked closely with two pastors that we have been communicating with for a couple years. We hosted and taught one Prison Ministry Training Conference and to Leadership Conferences in two separate areas of Sierra Leone. We met dozens of faithful Christians, many of whom have a passion for prison ministry and we are hopeful that we have inspired and encouraged many others to do the same. We conducted two successful audits and we made many new contacts and friendships. We visited four prisons, sharing the gospel with 750 inmates. We distributed 1,430 bars of soap, 1,364 toothbrushes, 1,364 tubes of toothpaste, 50 washable sanitary napkins, about 75 T-shirts and 190 Bibles, among other small gifts and items given to our national hosts and missionaries. Our team did a wonderful job, we all grew in our faith an in our love for one another and God was Glorified. Psalm 99:5

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