365 in 2013

In 2013 I pray the Lord will open an opportunity for me to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with someone at least once every day. I will attempt to seek out that opportunity daily. This is not an attempt at a legalistic approach to evangelism, nor is it an effort at self righteousness. It is, rather, an exercise in humility and allowing God to take me out of my comfort zone for His Glory. Sharing the gospel with strangers (or friends and family) is never easy, there is always a fear of man and a fear of ridicule, but as I seek opportunities to share the truth of salvation through Jesus Christ with others I find the Lord increases my faith, increases my dependence upon Him and, ultimately, increases His Kingdom as the unregenerate come to faith in the only true Savior, Jesus Christ. Every time I share the gospel He reveals new truths to me, gives me answers that I have never had to questions I have never encountered, and He draws me to the scriptures to seek out truth to be better equipped to share with a world that is increasingly rejecting the claims of Christ and the saints that have followed Him.

I pray as you follow along or read randomly through my posts this year that you will
1. Pray for those that the Lord gives the opportunity to hear the gospel and repent.
2. Pray for me, that I will remain faithful to the calling He has laid on my heart.
3. Be encouraged to share with those you love.
4. Pray that the Lord will raise up more workers for the harvest.
5. Post your comments as an encouragement to me and others that will read after you.

May God receive all the Glory in 2013.

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